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Posts from the ‘Reentry’ Category

White Picket Fence

Contentment. This is something I struggle with.

When Niel and I were looking to rent our first place in Hong Kong, I told him that I was struggling because I longed for a white picket fence. I did not desire an actual white picket fence but I desired to settle down – to have a place that our future children could call home.

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Twice Exceptional

Lately I have been hearing the words Twice Exceptional a lot.  It is being said about our son.

Our son is very bright. He LOVES to read. In fact, he can read books from the library that he has never seen before. He counts to 60 and can tell the time when looking at a digital clock.

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So many people have mentioned to me throughout my life that they think I am brave. I am not brave. Let me explain…

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My daughter has hip dysplasia. Yeah I know, most people have not heard of this. She had bilateral hip surgery and was put in a spica cast for 13 weeks.

The spica or full body cast went from under her arms all the way down to her ankles. Now imagine taking a 3 year old who had only just months before learned to walk and stick them in a cast and tell them they can not move at all, that they were stuck in that uncomfortable cast for a very long time.

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Cultural Mutt

The following blog post was written in 2009. It is something I have been thinking about and feeling lately as I am adjusting to living in the US again. I even mentioned in a conversation yesterday that I feel like a Cultural Mutt. Recently I have also been missing Boaz, my dog. I left him in Xi’an, China when I moved to Hong Kong nearly 5 years ago to marry my husband who is allergic to dogs.


My dog Boaz is a mutt. It took me awhile to admit this but it is true. I was told when I bought him in China that he is a Bichon Frise. He does have the personality of a Bichon but many people think he is a poodle. I really don’t like it when people say he looks like a poodle. I am not all that fond of poodles.

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