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Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

Just yesterday I posted some photos on Facebook from a recent photo session.  I mentioned how our family was tired and grumpy before and during the shoot. Our daughter was sick and cried though most of it. Our son kept running away. It was not a perfect shoot but our photographer (my sister-in-law Amanda Thorson) captured so many perfect moments.

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Being an advocate is a big part of my role as a mommy to kids with special needs. My kids are three years old and don’t have the words to express their needs and wants in most situations. They are getting better at expressing their need for food, milk, attention, etc. but there are still so many things that they don’t know or understand, especially when it comes to their special needs.

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Adoption: A Beautiful Mess (Part 1)

We adopted our daughter from China nearly a year and a half ago. I love my daughter so much and I’m so thankful that adoption made us a family. However, I have some conflicting ideas about adoption that may surprise some people. These ideas are still fluid as I am learning more and trying to listen to the voices of adult adoptees and those who have been part of the adoption community for a long time.

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Twice Exceptional

Lately I have been hearing the words Twice Exceptional a lot.  It is being said about our son.

Our son is very bright. He LOVES to read. In fact, he can read books from the library that he has never seen before. He counts to 60 and can tell the time when looking at a digital clock.

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Struggling to Comfort

Our daughter was in an institution for the first two and a half years of her life. Because her orphanage had lots of kids and very few caregivers, and because she has some medical needs that her caregivers did not know what to do with, our daughter was relegated to a corner with a few other kids and neglected. She could barely sit up by herself and could not crawl when we adopted her.

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