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Food Love


That one word elicits all kinds of wonderful things in my mind. I love food. I love to eat it. I love to create delicious goodness with it.

My son also loves food. He can’t wait to help daddy make his cheesy eggs in the morning. He pulls up a chair every chance he gets when I am in the kitchen to watch and help mommy make dinner or to bake cookies.

Baking is my love language.

If my son or Niel state that they are craving some sort of dessert or food, it usually doesn’t take me long to get in the kitchen and make it for them. I love it when others enjoy the food I make.

My daughter on the other hand does not enjoy food. In fact, she is afraid of food. She has oral aversion and will only eat yogurt or finely pureed food.

It took us only an hour or so after meeting our daughter to realize she had not been given food in the orphanage. Her file had stated that she ate food but right before we traveled to pick her up we got conflicting information that said she only drank formula.

She seemed thirsty when they dropped her off and it was suggested by our guide that we should give her some water. Our daughter’s caregiver was hesitant for us to give her any. In the end, our daughter would not drink it.

Our daughter was two and half and she only drank formula! She had never had sip of water or a bite to eat.

After returning to the US and visiting doctors and meeting with an occupational therapist, we realized just how afraid of food our daughter is. There is no medical reason that we know of that is keeping her from eating.

Our daughter’s journey to eat food has been a difficult one. She now will eat yogurt and finely pureed food. She gave up her bottle not that long ago and is drinking milk and water from a straw cup. That may not seem like much to outsiders looking in, but to our family, they are huge successes.


For some people like myself, food equates with enjoyment. For some people food is energy. For others, like my daughter, it elicits fear.

Did I mention that food is my love language? In all honesty, our daughter not sharing food with us around the table, not wanting to help mommy make cookies and then enjoying eating them, not requesting that I make her a certain food has been a struggle for me. I have had to look for other ways to show love to her that we both enjoy. Singing songs is one of those ways. She certainly likes to sing and so do I!

I pray hard that our daughter would be able to overcome some of her fears and eat. In fact, I have been praying that a breakthrough would take place and she would be able to eat some birthday cake on her 4th birthday in August. Most days it seems impossible. But, I know that what seems impossible to us is very possible for God!

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