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Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

Just yesterday I posted some photos on Facebook from a recent photo session.  I mentioned how our family was tired and grumpy before and during the shoot. Our daughter was sick and cried though most of it. Our son kept running away. It was not a perfect shoot but our photographer (my sister-in-law Amanda Thorson) captured so many perfect moments.

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An Impossible Prayer

Our daughter has oral aversion. I wrote a little about it here.

I have been praying that she would be able to eat birthday cake on her 4th birthday in August. When I started praying for this, it seemed impossible. Our daughter only ate finely pureed food and yogurt. She was afraid to try anything else.

A few weeks ago this changed. Our little girl ate Angel Food Cake!

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White Picket Fence

Contentment. This is something I struggle with.

When Niel and I were looking to rent our first place in Hong Kong, I told him that I was struggling because I longed for a white picket fence. I did not desire an actual white picket fence but I desired to settle down – to have a place that our future children could call home.

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Being an advocate is a big part of my role as a mommy to kids with special needs. My kids are three years old and don’t have the words to express their needs and wants in most situations. They are getting better at expressing their need for food, milk, attention, etc. but there are still so many things that they don’t know or understand, especially when it comes to their special needs.

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More than a Conqueror

I just did something that I haven’t done for years. It is super embarrassing to admit but I just went on a walk.

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